I. fix fix 1 [fɪks] verb [transitive]
1. informal to repair something:

• We had to fix some computer problems.

• It will cost millions of dollars to fix the system.

2. to decide on a level, value etc for something:

• It is very difficult to fix an offer price several weeks in advance.

fix at

• The interest rate has been fixed at 6.5%.

3. also fix up to make arrangements for something:

• They agreed to fix a time for the interview.

• Mike wants to fix up a meeting with you.

4. to arrange something dishonestly in order to get the result you want:

• We suspected that the deal had been fixed in advance.

  [m0] II. fix fix 2 noun
1. [countable] something that has been dishonestly arranged:

• Allegations of a fix were not proven.

• Obviously his appointment was a fix.

2. [countable] a solution to a problem, especially if the solution is temporary:

• They do not want a quick fix, they want a resolution of the issues.

• Is there a fix for the suffering Caribbean economy?

3. [countable] COMPUTING a solution to a computer software problem:

• Do not apply this fix if you are running a Power PC Mac.

• The bug fixes in previous versions of the software are also included in the current update.

4. get a fix on somebody/​something to understand what someone or something is really like:

• Investors are trying to get a fix on Sony's future.

* * *

   The setting of an official price for a currency or commodity, often on a daily basis.

* * *

fix UK US /fɪks/ verb [T]
to repair something or solve a problem: »

They have fixed the bugs in the software.


A restaurant would have 48 hours to fix the problem or the place could be shut down.

(also fix up) mainly UK MEETINGS to arrange a time and place for an event such as a meeting: »

You should fix an appointment with your bank manager.


I fixed up a meeting with this very powerful person at the BBC.

fix a day/time/place (for sth) »

The court will fix another day for the hearing.

to agree on a price, level, etc. for something and keep it at that price or level: »

Customers can fix the amount they pay each month.

fix sth at sth »

They fixed the rate of tax at 30%.

ECONOMICS to agree with other companies that you will all charge the same price for your products and not compete with each other: »

Steelmakers deny they fix prices.

fix UK US /fɪks/ noun [C]
a way of solving a problem, especially an easy or quick one: long-term/short-term fix »

We find short-term fixes, not long-term solutions.

a fix for sth »

More and more people were using loans as a fix for their financial problems.


There is no quick fix and it will take many months to re-establish profitable sales growth.

IT a small computer program that can repair a problem with software: a fix for sth »

The software developer says it has developed a fix for the problem.

a situation that has been dishonestly arranged by someone in order to get an advantage for themselves: »

When we won the contract, some people thought it was a fix.

ECONOMICS a price, for example, on gold or silver, that is set according to supply and demand: »

The London morning gold fix was $1,154.00 versus the previous afternoon fix of $1,139.50.

get a fix on sth — Cf. get a fix on sth

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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